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Call to Action - #SaveOurSocEnts

Call to Action - #SaveOurSocEnts

As you are all aware, Social Enterprise NI has been lobbying on your behalf daily to both the Department for Economy and the Department of Finance, challenging both on the delay in offering support for the social enterprise sector.  We have also presented to the Economy Committee and held zoom calls with a range of MLAs, Permanent Secretaries as well as an NI MP.  We have scheduled a call next week with the Economy Minister to discuss this lack of support and the need for parity with other sectors who have already received the Business Support Grants.

We do not believe that the government initially meant to exclude our members and many others across the country including self-employed people.  However, we are very disappointed at the progress to date of making this happen.

Many of our members do not have the liquidity and cashflow to survive longer than the end of May and June.  That is not that many weeks away.

Our Ask of Members

So here is where you can play your part.  Social Enterprise NI want you to join a lobbying campaign to your local MLAs, The Economy Minister, Diane Dodds and The Finance Minister, Conor Murphy in the following ways.

  • Post daily on social media and use the image that can be found here to share your story about why the sector needs the business support grants now!
  • We would encourage you to tag in the following people/organisations in your posts
  • NI Assembly Economy Committee - @NIAEconomy 
  • Diane Dodds MLA - @DianeDoddsMLA 
  • Conor Murphy MLA - @conormurphysf
  • Sue Gray - @SueGrayDOF
  • SENI - @socentni
  • All tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook messages should include the hashtags #SaveOurSocEnts and #AllinThisTogether

If you are not on social media or indeed if you would like to follow this up with a letter about why social enterprises need support, we have developed this Template Letter, which you can download here.  We would encourage you to amend it with some additional information on the hardship that is affecting your organisation and email the letter to the following email address

The government need to see that our sector plays a significant role in contributing to the NI economy. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the concerns of you as individual businesses and the overall strength of the sector.  We want as many members as possible to make contact sending individual messages to the above addresses in particular, via social media or letter over the next week before we meet with the Economy Minister, so she is fully aware of the individual hardship you are all under with the lack of support which others have already received.

Any queries please do get in touch with any of the SENI Team, details below

Colin                                     07872 470 327        

David                                   07925 740 395        

Amanda                               07734 820 180