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Over the past 10 weeks Social Enterprise NI has lobbied strongly with government officials, MLA’s, Committee for the Economy and Ministers for financial support for the social enterprise sector.  We have challenged the authorities to provide parity in the level of support provided to other business sectors. Support which is much needed and which would assist the sector to deal with immediate core running costs and cashflow concerns.  To date any such support has not been forthcoming, so in order to create a detailed overview of the sector, and to enable us to respond to specific questions which we have been faced with, we undertook a second survey to gather up to date data and to record the concerns of the sector. This information has been instrumental in our lobbying campaign and we thank all those who took the time to take part.

Please take time to read the results which highlight the immense pressure which our sector is under due to the delay in support being made available. 


Read SENI Survey Responses Here