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Social Enterprise NI - "Build Back Social" Virtual Conference 2021 - REMO Platform Information

Social Enterprise NI will be hosting it's Annual Conference on Thursday 25th February 2021 at 10am (Networking from 9.30am) - 12noon. There is still time to book your place at this years conference and you can do this by clicking here 

This year we will be hosting the conference on the REMO Conferencing Platform. Below is the details of how to use the REMO Platform and tips and hints for Sponsors and Participants ahead the conference. 

If you attended the Social Enterprise Futures Event in November the REMO Platform was used for this event. 

Made by a remote team, Remo makes it dead simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with each other just like they would in real life.

When you enter a space in Remo, you will see a top-down, 2-D map view of an event venue for our conference like the image below. 


Hints and Tips for our Virtual Conference 

● Ensure you are comfortable with the platform and are aware of how to turn your
camera and mic on, change tables and share your screen. You can familiarise
yourself with the process here:

● Ensure you arrive at the event early to make the most of the networking time -
this is where you will make the most connections.

● Edit your profile by using the circle in the top right corner of your screen to
include your photo, website, LinkedIn and Calendly - attendees will be able to
connect with you quicker using this. You can also add your company name in
brackets after your name.

● Encourage attendees to visit your table by regularly posting in the ‘General Chat’
function. You can also post urls and your linkedIn and emails to invite people to

● Feel free to share your screen at your table - you can share slides to attendees
to better get your point across. Click “share screen” and follow the prompts. You
can leave this open for quick access.

● Ideally, ensure there is a member of your team at your table on every floor where
there are attendees - this can be monitored during the event.

● Explore the room! Sometimes it is best to encourage attendees to visit your table
by speaking to them in person.

● When joining a table or on your table use the ‘Table Chat’ function to share links
with visitors to your table.

● Happy networking!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 25th February at 9.30am for our Annual Conference. #BuildBackSocial2021