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Belfast Met - Belfast Business School Opportunities

Belfast Metropolitan College - Belfast Business School have a number of initiatives running with our Business students that they would love to work with our members on. 

One initiative is linked to Training & Development, the other is linked to Promotion and Marketing

Training & Development

Students are now completing a Training & Development unit, in lieu of the Work Experience unit. They have to research a company's current training and development strategy and design an induction programme for new employees in the company. Would you be interested in having some of our students work with your organisation?

Your involvement could span from just giving a brief talk about how your company offer training and development, to meeting with students online to discuss the training and development in your company and them designing an induction programme for you

Promotion & Marketing

Students are also completing a unit in Creative Promotion. They are required to research an organisation's promotional activities and analyse these and ultimately "Plan and prepare a costed promotional plan for a product or service". 

Your involvement could span from giving them an oversight via online talk of how you promote your organisation - the methods and media you use and why, the message you portray and how effective you find these, to allowing them to create a costed promotional campaign for your organisation. We are always looking for ways that we can give our students real life experiences and it would be ideal if they were able to devise a promotional plan that would be realistic for your company, that you then might actually be able to use.  We believe this would make the partnership mutually beneficial. 

Another possibility is a number of students compiling a promotional campaign for your organisation, we could run a competition of sorts, where you, the organisation would assess and pick your most preferred. 

We understand times are difficult at the minute and appreciate any participation that you can offer. Let us know what you think and if you would be interested in being involved in any way. 

For More details contact either Anne Keenan - or Meabh Harvey -