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Be part of a virtual social hackathon

BNP Paribas are looking for social organisations to join an upcoming Social Enterprise Hackathon.

This is an event that we have been running in partnership with Be Leadership (an organization that specializes in social leadership) for six years now. Twice a year, we partner with seven social enterprise partners to work on their business challenges.

During the Social Enterprise Hackathon, each social enterprise will work closely with a small group of Leadership Talents, identified as the future leaders of the group, to overcome a real problem that they are facing. The process runs for a week, with participants and the social enterprise working on the issue from identification to exploration to potential solutions. The deliverable for our talents at the end of the week is a concrete solution to the business challenge faced by the social enterprise.

In the past, we have worked with social enterprises of all sizes and purposes – all facing very different challenges.

Are you a social entrepreneur or leader in a purpose-driven organization? You are invited to apply for an upcoming virtual event dedicated to supporting leaders like you with your urgent and significant business challenges. This event, taking place online 26-30 June 2023, represents a real opportunity to work alongside diverse leadership talent from BNP Paribas to gain new perspectives and insights on your work. Now more than ever companies are facing exceptional challenges — working virtually, supporting staff remotely, engaging with clients in new ways, facing financial insecurity and dealing with uncertainty. The experience will help you develop creative, and successful strategies to challenges facing your organization. Partners who participate see the following benefits:

  • Participation in a programme that delivers outcomes and impact

  • Opportunity to stop and do real work on a challenge that is important to the problem presenter and the organization

  • Chance to leverage a proven action-learning process that harnesses the diversity and intellect offered by the diversity of the assigned team

What type of social organization can apply? We are looking for committed social entrepreneurs who are interested in moving a challenge forward in a unique working format that allows for both real results and leadership development. It’s important that the organizations that we select self-identify as social businesses and can demonstrate their social value. Priority will be given to registered social enterprises. While newly formed, not yet profitable, organizations can make strong partners for this experience, it is important that the partners we work with have clear commitment to their social purpose. Problem presenters who attend should be open to new perspectives on their challenge and have a willingness to take new input on board. This event is being held during the European CET workday. Applicants are welcome from outside this time zone and area, but participation during the European workday will be required.

What types of challenges should you bring?

Partner organizations wishing to participate in the Social Enterprise Hackathon need to identify a significant and urgent business or leadership challenge to be addressed during the program. This challenge should be one that is complex and for which there could be many potential solutions. Examples include:

  • A change in business model

  • A strategic leadership decision

  • A new product offer or service offer

  • Diversifying revenue streams in a changing business environment

  • A marketing or communications plan

  • Rethinking a process (HR or other)

  • Reorganization of a department / organization chart

What is the level of commitment?

Selected social partners will need to identify a ‘problem presenter’ from the organization with ownership of the challenge, who can commit completely to the following: Attend a one-hour introductory briefing call with BNP Paribas and Be Leadership to learn more about the experience

  • Once participation is confirmed, attend a one-hour connection call with the coach you’ll be working with to help to define the challenge that will be in focus, and discuss plans for the immersion

  • Host a virtual immersion activity for 7-9 leadership talent on Tuesday 27 June 14:00-18:30 CET. This will be held via Microsoft Teams with a goal to help participants understand your organization, business model and purpose. The virtual immersion could include videos of the organization, introducing people in the organisation, recorded or live interviews with people who the organization has supported/helped and a tour of the offices/locations as examples. The objective is to provide context and background to your work and emotionally engage the participants around your mission and vision in preparation for work on your challenge.

  • Participate actively throughout the virtual workshop, all day Wednesday 28 June, Thursday 29 June and Friday 30 June. During this time you will work on your identified business challenge in a small action learning group. The agenda over the three days balances action learning sessions of 90-120 minutes, breaks and lunches to accommodate working virtually. On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, your assigned team will work on completing agreed deliverables prior to presenting a summary of this to the broader group on Friday afternoon.

  • As a follow up to the experience, problem presenters will have an opportunity to reconnect with their working group after six months to share progress and outcomes.

To find out more and apply:

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