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Bremar – Positive Impact to Promote Community/Club Health

Designed and developed by Bremar, the PITCH Programme aims to initiate and nurture an early intervention programme which will build capacity of participants and their clubs / groups / organisations, and also develop capacity within their respective communities.

Seeing the value and benefits in providing a proactive approach which empowers individuals and will support and assist in the promotion and reinforcement of the importance of addressing mental health and wellbeing issues.

The PITCH programme, which has been developed around the Five Steps to Wellbeing, will give participants the necessary tools to develop coping skills to manage and look after their own mental health, whilst also providing the capacity and confidence to help and support those around them.

The programme uses life coaching, counselling, motivational tools and techniques to encourage goal directed behaviour to make positive changes that have a direct impact on building resilience to poor mental health. Within the setting of a club, group or organisation, this programme has the potential to impact on individuals, other members, peers, and their associated communities at grassroots level.

The programme can be delivered over 3 x 2 hour sessions, or alternatively over a full 1 day session. Based on participant requirements, we can offer the programme in either in a face to face setting or via online delivery (Microsoft Teams / Zoom).

Find out more at: 02896 936 186

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