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Businesses Continue to use their Loaf and ‘Gift with Purpose’

As businesses draw closer to the festive period, and gifting for teams and clients is high on the agenda, organisations who want to ‘gift with purpose’ are carefully choosing where they source gifts and what impact every pound spent will deliver in societal impact.

Following on from a two-year relationship with Legacy Events Concierge, Loaf Pottery - a social enterprise owned and managed by the NOW Group - has now secured its 200th order with Legacy for its handcrafted Loaf mugs, on behalf of its client, tech giant, Meta-owned WhatsApp.

This latest order marks the 200th lovely loaf mug, handcrafted in Crawsfordsburn, for Legacy clients, which included limited-edition, branded mugs for Spotify back in 2021.

“Since we began our corporate gifting relationship with Legacy a couple of years ago, we’re so delighted with the feedback from some of the world’s biggest tech companies. Each mug is unique and beautiful – they are handcrafted by our potters in Crawfordsburn, then delivered across the world - and not only do they look the part, but the revenue secured helps us to deliver our critical work within the NOW Group,” comments Diane Hill, Director of Business & Organisational Development, NOW Group.

Headed up by County Tyrone native, Carole Quinn, and working for clients across the UK and Europe, Legacy Events are a sustainable events agency and consultancy who source and deliver corporate gifts for clients, using products that are both better for the environment and which contribute towards positive social change.

Carole Quinn, Operations Director, Legacy adds: “The Legacy team strongly believes in encouraging companies to become more sustainable, and that includes the way they gift their teams and colleagues.

“Part of becoming more sustainable as a company is to become more conscious of how money is spent. That’s a large part of the reason why we encourage partnerships with social enterprise agencies, so that the money spent will be re-invested back into the community through employment opportunities or further education. With this in mind, working with the NOW Group and Loaf Pottery was a no-brainer.

“We love championing organisations like Loaf Pottery. By supporting Loaf Pottery, Spotify and WhatsApp are making a huge impact on the local community. Loaf Pottery’s products are extremely sought-after and we’ve heard time and time again, from the staff at Spotify, how teams love their ‘lovely Loaf’ mugs.”

With orders still open for corporate gifting from Loaf Pottery, Diane Hill encourages businesses to think more socially. For every £1 spent within Loaf Pottery, the NOW Group can deliver £20 in social value, and this is how companies can make a greater impact without having to dig deeper.

Diane adds: “We really value partnerships with businesses like Legacy, who encourage business owners around the world to embrace sustainable gifting. Their support amplifies our reach, and the amount of impact that we can have with Loaf Pottery.

Speaking about the work of the NOW Group, Diane concludes: “Our main objective is to support those with learning disabilities into training programmes across a spectrum of sectors and to create employment opportunities whilst boosting the social value of businesses across Ireland.

“It’s thanks to companies like Legacy, and its clients, that enable us to deliver our essential work, providing jobs for adults with learning difficulties, giving people the opportunity to develop their confidence and to reach their full potential.”

Businesses can choose to ‘gift with purpose’ and in doing so, supporting people with disabilities into training programmes and jobs with a future via the incredible work of the NOW Group.

To learn more about Loaf Pottery and Loaf Catering, visit: and to find out more about the NOW Group, visit:

For more details about Legacy’s sustainable corporate gifting, visit

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