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Celebrating Social Enterprise Day, #WhoKnew

Today is #SocialEnterpriseDay 🌟 We thought we would share more about our impact over the last few months in terms of political lobbying, supporting our social enterprise members and engaging with other sectors.

#TeamSENI invest a vast amount of time and resources to grow the awareness of the social enterprise sector and highlight the important work ongoing in Northern Ireland.

Across October & November we have:

✔️Attended 2 x Political Conferences

✔️Held a roundtable event for social enterprises members to engage with the Head of the Civil Service Jayne Brady.

✔️ 3 x meetings with US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland Joe Kennedy III

✔️ Various meetings with other officials eg InterTradeIreland & SEUPB

✔️ Attended Social Enterprise World Forum representing members on a world wide stage

✔️ Supported members re linking to private sector supply chain

✔️ Supported members with funding queries

✔️ Hosted our BIGGEST #SocEntNIAwards23 night yet

Speaking about Social Enterprise Day, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise Northern Ireland, Colin Jess said:

“At Social Enterprise NI we continue to represent the sector at the highest level to educate and inform of the benefits of operating as and with the social enterprise business model. From operating as the Secretary of the All-Party Group for Social Enterprise, to meeting with senior government officials including US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, to presenting at many private and public sector functions, we continue to tell of the benefits of partnering with our members. We also told the Northern Ireland story at the recent Social Enterprise World Forum in Amsterdam and have recently engaged with InterTradeIreland and SEUPB on opportunities to support members.

“We also seek to encourage public and private sector bodies to deliver on their social value commitments through supply chain opportunities with the social economy or by the transferring of specific skills. We continue to position the social economy in Northern Ireland as a sustainable and significant contributor to an inclusive future. No matter what sector you belong to there is a role for you to play to help us grow and develop. Make sure to check out our membership offering.”

If you are not part of our network, please join us. Visit for more information.

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