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Centred Soul: a series of mini retreat days 'Gathering Spaces'

Introducing 'Gathering Spaces'

A series of half day gatherings, bringing people together, throughout the year, to enjoy food, yoga, drumming, laughter, workshops & more...

Our first Gathering Space will focus on introducing you to Yin Yoga, the most beautiful & meditative practice, followed by a feast of food, gathering everyone around the table old-style, ending the day with a restful Yoga Nidra (also known as yoga sleep).

You are guaranteed laughs, great food, accessible yoga & connection.

Starting this Sunday 2nd October, investment £45 - to find out more information and book your place click here.

If cost remains a barrier, please do not let it be! As you know, Centred Soul are a social enterprise & know all too well that money is something which stops many of us from having ‘experiences’. We never want money to be the reason you don't experience something special, so we offer contribution based spaces & this also applied to ‘Gathering Spaces’. So we have three options… 1. You can pay in in full 2. You can pay in two instalments across 2 months 3. You can *make a contribution towards the overall cost & we make up the rest.

*For contribution based option just click here fill in our contact form and we'll hit you up with a code for check out, on our website & jobs a good'n! It really is that simple! In turn, your contribution, will go towards doing the same, for someone else. #thisishoweroll #NotJustAStudio #DoGoodFeelGood #PayItForward

50-52 Hill Street

Newry Down

BT34 1JD

Northern Ireland

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