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Clanrye Group - Regener8 2023-24

Recruiting now for Regener8 2023-24

Are you a young adult aged 16 to 25 who is not currently in education, employment or training? Or perhaps you know someone who fits this description? If so, Clanrye Group's Regener8 programme could be just what you're looking for!

Regener8 is designed to help young adults who may be struggling to get started on their career path, or who simply want to gain new skills and experiences.

By joining the programme, participants will have the opportunity to build their confidence, meet new people and take the first steps towards a brighter future.

This programme is completely free and runs 3 days per week in two locations, Newry and Downpatrick. Participants will receive 1 to 1 support as they take part in qualifications, training, volunteering, fun activities and trips, employability support, cross community projects, counselling and work experience. And that's not all - as part of the programme, participants could even get a free driving licence, lessons, theory and test!

The programme runs for a whole year, with sessions in Newry on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10AM - 4PM, and in Downpatrick on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10AM - 4PM. Lunch and travel will also be provided, making it easy and convenient to participate.

For more information email:

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