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Fermanagh House - An SE Hub in the heart of Enniskillen

Fermanagh House - a social enterprise, is located at the Broadmeadow in the centre of Enniskillen, owned by local grant-making charity the Fermanagh Trust. Income from the facilities helps the Trust reach even more local groups and charities with grant making.

Fermanagh House is an outstanding venue for meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions etc. The building is situated within walking distance of the town centre and bus depot, with views of Enniskillen Castle, the River Erne and the Broadmeadow.

Fermanagh House opened in Enniskillen 2007 as a community hub for the community and voluntary sector, and is a Fermanagh Trust social enterprise, with any income generated by the facility utilised to support the Fermanagh Trust’s work to reach even more local groups and charities with grant making and development support.

The development of Fermanagh House has helped to bring together community and voluntary sector organisations leading to a sharing of services and an exchange of information. The building is a resource for the entire community and is utilised by many groups, organisations, businesses and individuals.

Due to the overwhelming success of Fermanagh House, their significant new extension opened at the end of 2016. As a social enterprise they are different from other venues and the income generated enables their owners, The Fermanagh Trust, to make a positive contribution to community and voluntary life.

Utilising their facilities is not like booking other spaces e.g. a hotel, as Fermanagh House endeavours to promote / advertise your organisation and the relevant event being facilitated. Whether you book for 2 or 130, our rooms can be set up in a wide range of layouts, which include the use of equipment such as laptop, flipchart, projector etc. free of charge.

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