Inclusion & Diversity = Equity & Equality NEW Courses

Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd introduce another series of new courses! Working in partnership with JoinHer, we bring you a series of four 2-hour session on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Equality. Attend all four sessions to gain new knowledge and experience.

· Is your organisation inclusive and managed in a way that encourages the involvement of and is welcoming to, a wide range of people?

· Is there a proactive approach to increasing volunteer diversity, addressing under-representation, and including targeted groups as part of your organisation’s overall inclusion, equity and diversity aims?

· Is your information about volunteering opportunities made a widely available as possible using a range of methods and is there active engagement with a diverse range of people?

Join us over the four sessions to explore and learn new and creative ways to increase INCLUSION in your volunteer projects or volunteer team.

Session 1: Decide & Involve

What decisions involve everyone in your organisation?

Tuesday 28 September 2021


£20 +VAT

Session 2: Variety & Education

There is more than one solution for your organisation

Tuesday 26 October 2021


£20 +VAT

Session 3: Research & Strategy

Take time to investigate & plan for your organisation

Tuesday 23 November 2021


£20 +VAT

Session 4: Invest Together Yearly

Practical steps to change your organisation

Tuesday 7 December 2021


£20 +VAT

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