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IncredAble - Driver Volunteer Opportunity

Do you have a few hours to spare each week? Do you like getting out and about – meeting new people and going to new places?

Why not become an incredABLE volunteer driver?

Richhill man Robin Patterson, aged 67, regularly volunteers his time to transport our participants to and from activities at our residential centres and hubs in counties Armagh and Down and elsewhere. He also assists our staff and participants on days out as well as driving them to and from the destination.

He first became interested in volunteering with incredABLE because help was needed at times that suited him - evenings and weekends, our Head Office was also local to him in Richhill and the charity helped young people with autism and/or a learning disability.

“I volunteer with incredABLE to give something back to the community,” Robin said.

“It’s up to you how much time you give and there are endless opportunites to volunteer.”

When asked what he gets out of volunteering, he replied: “A sense of satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone or a group to have a better quality of life or get out and about who normally couldn’t and see them enjoy themselves.

“An individual I was collecting in the minibus said to me one day ‘Only for the likes of you I wouldn’t get out of the house’,” he added.

When asked about his most memorable experience while volunteering, he says that it was during an Adult Short Break residential at the incredABLE Mourne Centre in Co Down. He was unable to attend on the Friday night for the beginning of the short stay, but met the group at the centre the following day to drive them to a day out.

“As I arrived, some of the group was standing at a large window waving out,” he explained. “As I entered the centre, they all cheered and said they were happy to see me and as I had been out with some of them before, they remembered my name and were glad that I was their driver for the weekend.”

Robin added that his volunteering has taken him to places he’s never been before and his first ever game of ten pin bowling was with incredABLE’s participants!

His advice for anyone thinking of volunteering....”Go for it!”

“I would like to thank incredABLE for giving me the opportunity to be part of their small team and do what I love doing – driving and helping others.”

Interested in volunteering? Contact our Volunteer Champion Mark Jenkinson via:

tel: 028 3887 2111 or email:

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