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Mayor Carson is delighted to launch the 2023 'Mayor’s Innovation Awards'

These awards are open to young people (18-30) who have a business or community idea, to individuals who aspire to either start-up or develop a new project within a social enterprise or a community group that has an innovative new project that will benefit the wider Lisburn Castlereagh community by addressing issues of concern and create a positive change.

Applicants can apply for a one-off grant of £5,000 to assist in achieving these goals.

The three categories are outlined below and applications can be submitted online via the appropriate link.

Category One: The Youth Entrepreneurship Award: For young people aged between 18 -30 who would like the chance to develop an innovative business idea and create a new business enterprise that will boost local economic activity. Click here to apply online

Category Two: The Youth Community Award: To offer young people the opportunity to lead and implement a programme. Click here to apply online

Category Three: The Social Enterprise Award: Offers social entrepreneurs an opportunity to create a new business or a new project within an existing social enterprise. Click here to apply online

Applications must be in by 12 noon on Friday 28th April 2023.

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