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CEO expresses disappointment about Levelling Up Funding announcement

Speaking about the decision, Social Enterprise Northern Ireland Chief Executive Colin Jess said: "The announcement from the UK Government yesterday to not award Northern Ireland any funding in the current round of Levelling Up has come as a huge disappointment. Organisations have spent time and money in investing in, and submitting an application for what they deem essential projects to help and support the growth of their area.

"Around the UK, funds have been allocated to develop town centres and to provide better transport links, however the message is clear that such a boost for regional economies will not filter down to Northern Ireland because there is no functioning NI Assembly or Executive. Other parts of the UK are receiving support, while Northern Ireland is not.

"It is disappointing that the deliberate ignoring of these projects in Northern Ireland, in the guise of having a lack of devolved government, should be used as an

apparent political bargaining tool and shows the real impact that not having Stormont sitting is having.

Whilst we do not believe that the provision of funds under Levelling Up should be linked to the Assembly and Executive not being in place, Social Enterprise NI wish to express our disappointment at the decision and calls for all political parties in Northern Ireland to return and have the administration up and running again as soon as possible."

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