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Portadown 2000: Invitation to Tender

Portadown 2000 (Millennium Court) recognise that the environment within which the company operates has changed and are working in increasingly challenging times. As such they have revisited their business plan and have completely redrawn their operational framework to better respond to the needs of the people of Portadown, while at the same time satisfying the requirements of partners and generating sustainable revenue streams for the organisation.

They have identified three areas of focus: Arts, Commercial Public and Community, which together support the social, cultural and economic revitalisation of Portadown town centre and the wider borough area.

Millennium Court aim to remain at the forefront of relevant and challenging Arts provision, at community level into innovation and creativity. They are building on successful arts education programmes and strengthening links with school ecosystems and community groups providing meaningful access to art for all.

P2000 own substantial property assets situated in the heart of the town centre, generating significant commercial rental income for their business. They have studio and meeting spaces that are rented to business and community groups, and the Market Hall host banquets, music events and AGMs. The facilities are accessible, affordable and available for the benefit of the people of the ACBC Borough.

Objectives of tender:

1. Increase Room Hire Dependable used Monday – Thursday

2: Training to be delivered by March 2023:

3: We want to Connect, Create within the Community.

4: Increase footfall in Art Gallery and secure prog funding.

Timeline: The plan will be developed from November 2022.

Download full document containing instructions for tenderers below:

Invitation to Tender Portadown 2000 (Millennium Court)
Download DOCX • 293KB

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