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Restoring Joy in a Post-Covid World

Newry & Mourne Enterprise Agency and Fringe Coffee Company are proud to present and invite you to attend the Joy Seminar: Restoring Joy in a Post-COVID World!

During these two days it is our hope that you walk away with a breath of fresh air and tools to experience true joy in your own life, to cultivate joy in your teams and work environments, as well as feel a little more connected to those who are also working and investing so much in the surrounding community just as you are.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 4 April: Evening Session/7:30-9:00pm

Wednesday, 5 April: Day Session/10:00-3:00pm

Optional Evening Session on 5 April/7:30-9:00pm (additional time for connecting and discussion; this session will happen in accordance to interest)

This event is focuses on teams, so it is important that you come with at least one member of your team that you trust and with whom you could process, due to opportunities for break out groups and discussion.

Espresso drinks from Fringe Coffee Co. and catered food will be included for your enjoyment!

Space is limited, so book now to reserve your spot!

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