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Social Enterprise Day 2022: #Who Knew!

Join the celebration!

Social Enterprise Day takes place throughout the world next Thursday 17th November during Global Entrepreneurship Week (14-18th November 2022).

This is a gentle reminder (if you're a social enterprise, employed by a social enterprise or a supporter of the sector) to prepare and schedule your celebratory posts, photos and videos to show the world the amazing work and social value that is created for communities.

Every year we mark the day by using it as an opportunity to raise the profile of the incredible impact social enterprises are having on communities in Northern Ireland and around the world through the #WhoKnew campaign.

If you have not taken part in previous years, it is a simple online action designed to allow you to tell your story and highlight your impact.

All you need to do is write a short message about your work/the social enterprise, take a photo, and then share it on social media using #WhoKnew and #SocialEnterpriseDay. Feel free to tag us in your posts and we'll be sure to reshare!

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