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The story behind our NEW branding

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We recently announced that we have re-branded after 11 years.

Our previous logo needed an upgrade and has now been replaced with a new, vibrant and modern logo. So far, the feedback has been excellent! We have received so many positive comments about the logo colours, our new strapline and the overall look and feel.

We are excited to tell the story behind the branding and what the new logo represents.



When the decision was made to re-brand, it was fundamental that we reflected and represented the ethos of our organisation, our personality, our mission, our members and services.


  • In order to craft and design the new logo, we started at the core - approaching our new icon with an abstract view. As you will see the icon reflects a people-like “semi-circle” shape which represents our organisation interconnecting with all our stakeholders and members. From social enterprise members to corporate organisations across the public and private sector.

  • Our members and stakeholders play a crucial role in what we do, we work collaboratively together to promote the social enterprise sector and to raise the profile of the amazing work they do. Businesses across the six counties are interconnected and held together by the work and empowerment of what we do at Social Enterprise NI.

  • Our organisation thus represents social enterprises across the entire region of NI and is the voice for the six counties. The 6 counties of Northern Ireland: Antrim, Armagh, Tyrone, Down, Derry and Fermanagh are each home to breath-taking beauty and incredible social enterprises doing great work by great people. So therefore, our new Social Enterprise NI logo is crafted together by the 6 counties of Northern Ireland.

Each county has been allocated a specific colour to represent our social enterprise members located in a specific county. See breakdown below:


One important element of our revamped branding was to create a new strapline that communicates our core offering at Social Enterprise Northern Ireland. We agreed on the following strapline to move forward with:

“Empowering Profit with Purpose, Inspiring Lasting Impact.”

  • The strapline conveys that we, the team at SENI are dedicated to empowering social enterprise businesses to increase their profit potential with customers, private and public sector organisations and inspiring their positive, social impact in local communities through our ongoing work.

  • We will continue to be a strong voice to lobby for social value and social procurement in Northern Ireland and still today, we are the only official representative body for the social enterprise sector in Northern Ireland.

  • We are excited and confident that this new modern and impactful branding marks a new era for the organisation. We have big plans for SENI and how to move the sector forward in terms of social procurement, social value and the sector’s visibility.

  • With a total of 800 social enterprises in Northern Ireland, there is significant positive work taking place and great potential for social led organisations to lead the way in terms of social and environmental impact and positive change among society, and together we can make this happen.


You have the choice of choosing one of the four logo styles to use across your marketing (see example >>)

For more information and to request your NEW 2023 Membership logos, please click the button please:

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