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What is Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking?

Clear 54 who are we and what do we do?

Gavin Miller has recently set up a social enterprise called CLEAR 54 to help businesses across all sectors better understand modern slavery and human trafficking, what to look for and what the benefits their Modern Slavery Human Trafficking [MSHT] prevention efforts can have both to their business and their local community.

What is Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking?

MSHT is exploiting and commodifying men, women, and children for profit and unfortunately, Northern Ireland is not immune from this evil crime. Gavin strongly believes that organisations and businesses of all sizes should be reviewing their supply chain transparency. This should not be seen as a risk but as an opportunity and it all starts with awareness-raising to explain the extent of this issue and the relevance to you and your business.

It is about starting the conversation about the little things/ proportionate things that you can do can make a significant difference for the betterment for someone’s life and will be good for both your business and your heart.

Gavin is a former Police Detective who spent over six years working for the Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit within the PSNI and is currently a member of the UK Governments Modern Slavery Training Delivery Group.

He is an expert on MHST, having been a Senior Investigating Officer for every successful prosecution under the new Modern Slavery Act within Northern Ireland to date. He was the author of the PSNI Human Trafficking e-learning guide which has been completed by more than 5000 officers and staff. Having now retired, he is keen to continue to use the experience and knowledge gained over many years and has set up a social enterprise company to help businesses understand the benefits their MHST awareness and prevention efforts can have. He is happy to come and speak to any business about Modern Slavery Human Trafficking prevention, especially to give some of the personal detail which helps individuals understand and relate to MSHT.

The Government has taken forward several significant measures to strengthen Section 54 of the 2015 Modern Slavery Act, including the introduction of Modern Slavery Statements and supply chain prevention within Social Value for Government tenders and within Northern Ireland the current budget of tenders is £3 Billion. Hence, getting a better understanding of the current situation and how this can be incorporated into all funding applications and public tenders will be beneficial to businesses of all sizes. .

Gavin’s email, should you wish to get in contact, is and please check out the website for more information at

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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