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Studyseed CIC - After-School Classes

Our Autumn Term will run from Monday 7 September until Thursday 22 October. This term, we will be running classes over four days a week instead of three. After each class, there will be a fifteen-minute window to allow for cleaning to take place before the next class begins, so that's why our times look a little different this term compared to what you're used to seeing in our timetables! 

Primary Class Times: 

KS1 Literacy - Tuesday 3.30PM
KS1 Numeracy - Monday 3.30PM
KS1 Numeracy and Literacy - Thursday 3.45PM
KS1 Reading - Wednesday 3.45PM

KS2 Literacy - Tuesday 4.45PM
KS2 Numeracy - Tuesday 3.45PM
KS2 Numeracy - Wednesday 4.45PM
KS2 Numeracy and Literacy - Tuesday 6.15PM
Reading and Comprehension - Monday 6PM

AQE/GL Transfer Test Prep - Monday 5PM
AQE/GL Transfer Test Prep - Thursday 4.45PM

Year 8-10 Class Times:

Year 8-9 Maths - Tuesday 5PM
Year 8-9 English - Tuesday 6PM
Year 8-9 Science - Monday 7.30PM

Year 10 Maths - Monday 3.45PM
Year 10 English - Monday 4.45PM
Year 10 Science - Thursday 6.15PM

GCSE Class Times:

GCSE English Language - Monday 7.15PM
GCSE English Language - Wednesday 6PM

GCSE Maths Foundation - Monday 6.15PM
GCSE Maths Foundation - Wednesday 5PM
GCSE Maths Higher - Monday 6.15PM
GCSE Maths Higher - Wednesday 5PM
GCSE Further Maths - Thursday 5PM

GCSE Biology - Wednesday 7.15PM
GCSE Chemistry - Wednesday 6.15PM
GCSE Physics - Tuesday 7.15PM

Adult Essential Skills Maths - Tuesday 7.30PM
Adult Essential Skills English - Thursday 7.30PM

A-Level Class Times:

AS/A2 Biology - Monday 8.30PM
AS/A2 Chemistry - Thursday 7.15PM
AS/A2 Maths - Tuesday 8.30PM
AS/A2 Physics - Thursday 6PM

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