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Simon Black - Slackpress



Slackpress is a social enterprise that have a  multi-disciplined production house operating across the island of Ireland and the United Kingdom.


They produce digital production services across all mediums, we work at broadcast quality and endeavour to work with your budget capacity.

We make a difference in society by employing young people in the creative industries that are struggling to get jobs and experience.

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Tara Mullan - Refuge Chocolate

Refuge Chocolate is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Refuge exists to help give people a brighter future through our support of Flourish NI (a Northern Ireland based anti human trafficking charity).


Refuge donates proceeds to Flourish. Refuge Hot Chocolate (now Refuge Chocolate) has been fully operational since 2017 led by Chief Potion Maker Tara Mullan.


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Jacqui Pope - Better

GLL is a not for profit charitable social enterprise committed to delivering a better quality of fitness and leisure, libraries and performing arts facilities for everyone. We’re committed to providing access to quality community facilities - and more - at a price everyone can afford. They already manage over 258 facilities, and they're adding more all the time operating under our 'Better' brand. They aim to get more people, more active, more often. They promote healthy and active lifestyles, giving communities access to facilities that help improve their health and happiness through participation in activities. It could be gyms, libraries, playgrounds or world-class venues such as those on the Olympic Park, we have it all right here.

Dr Clare Caughey- SENsations

SENsations is an award winning community interest company that provides educational psychology assessment for pupils in order to help identify or eliminate any kind of learning difficulty. This can include intelligence testing and academic attainment testing which helps identify conditions such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. 

Elita Frid - Science Starz

Science Starz CIC is an award-winning mobile science lab that delivers hands-on, fun, interactive science programmes in primary schools, community groups, youth clubs, at corporate events and more in order to ignite an interest in STEM from an early age and to increase access into the STEM sector. Developed by teachers, Science Starz has been delivering programmes for over 5 years so we know how to engage children in STEM and ignite an interest in STEM topics. 

Chara Clarke - Glow

Tune in to hear from GLOW as they chat about how they use the profits from their SE 'You Glow Girl' to create amazing social impact by providing an opportunity for women and girls to discover their true selves. GLOW believes that all women and girls have purpose and so our unique programmes create a positive atmosphere and allow the opportunity for women and girls to discover their true selves. This has a knock on effect as participants can positively impact on their family and community, especially in setting young female family members up with confidence and life skills to have a successful future.

Marie Marin - Employers for Childcare

Listen in to hear from our most recent Social Enterprise of the Year winner, Employers for Childcare. Employers For Childcare comprises a Social Enterprise and a registered charity. 100% of the profits from their Social Enterprise businesses – a Childcare Voucher company, a recruitment service for childcare providers and High Rise (an indoor family adventure centre) are invested into their charity. As a charity, their aim is to make it easier for parents with dependent children to get into work and to stay in work. They address childcare as a labour market and economic issues, as well as a social one.

Meet our Podcast Sponsor - idverde

idverde is the UK & Europe’s leading provider of ground maintenance services and landscape creation projects. idverde offers a holistic range of services to support the creation, maintenance, and management of landscapes throughout the UK. Their values; Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Responsibility and Focus, are at the heart of everything they do. Which is why idverde are proud to sponsor the #WISE Podcast, listen in to find more. 

Build Back Social Conference 2021 Keynote

Social Enterprise NI were delighted to have Kris Bryson of  WildHearts Group as their keynote speaker. Kris delivered a truly inspiring message of how a social enterprise can become a main stream business and work closely with private and public sector organisations. Kris delivered without doubt the standout quote from the whole conference in his address by saying “The Future of Business is Social Business we can be Commercial and Social”.

Build Back Social Conference - Panel Discussion

Panel members included guest speakers from the Republic of Ireland, namely Tammy Darcy, CEO of Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland (SERI), the newly formed sector representative body in RoI, Dave Neville of JumpAgrade, and Karen Leigh of Sensational Kids Ireland. From Northern Ireland we had, David Hunter from Access to Employment, Jacinta Linden from Bolster Community, Gail Kincaid from Healthy Kidz CIC and Jacqui Pope from GLL.

Social Enterprise Conference 2020

Watch this short video about our Build Back Social Conference in March 2020.

Nigel Hampton - incredABLE

Want to hear from one of our 'Social Enterprise Leaders of the Year'? Tune in to hear about the AMAZING work incredABLE do from Nigel. incredABLE is a voluntary organisation creating meaningful social, recreational, and educational opportunities for people with a learning/intellectual disability and/or autism. incredABLE individuals are empowered to make choices, discover talents, realise passions, and participate in a community on their own terms. incredABLE deliver projects and services in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Area.

Jenny Irvine - ARC Healthy Living

The award winning ARC Healthy Living Centre, Irvinestown aims to improve the well-being of local people by bringing together a partnership of community health activities and services. ARC has been nationally recognised as benefitting people and planet. Consistently since 2009 ARC has been successful in satisfying key criteria to be awarded the Social Enterprise Mark, which identifies us a trading centre for social and environmental purposes. ARC provides shared space, basing a range of health and well being services within the Centre. The ARC actively promotes community participation and volunteering – services are run for local people, by local people. To find out more -

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