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Centred Soul: A safe place to gather.

Services are uniquely delivered toward women's health, with a special focus on Perinatal Mental Health, Counsellors see a wide range of clients across the Mental Health mild-moderate spectrum and potential clients do not need to have a 'specific' mental health issue to qualify, they will meet them where they are at and engage directly ensuring a readiness to participate and discuss how to make the service both affordable and accessible at a time of need.

The Counselling Team within Centred Soul C.I.C. have immediate availability to take on new clients from mid-December and a continuous opening of spaces between now and the New Year.

Offering support via Monthly Support Groups, 1-1 Talking Therapy, Complementary Therapy and Coffee & Craic Therapy :-), they would even go so far as to support Retail Therapy!

Between them, they are able to meet and deliver Counselling to 12 clients weekly, which equates to approx 60+ clients per annum. Priding themselves in being honest with waiting times, fees and procedures.

If you are interested in availing of these services contact directly @

Admin Team via website:

Instagram: @centredsoul

Phone: 028 302 77190

Book a therapy in THE THERAPY ROOMS & pay it forward! Offering fully funded, contribution based and full fee counselling therapy. Their counselling does not discriminate. Whether you need support with the cost, can make a contribution, or you can pay in full for counselling, we've got you covered.

EVERY Counselling Therapy you book, pays it forward. Your contribution creates profit. That profit is then used to provide Perinatal and/or Birth Trauma service, to those who need it, but who may not be able to manage this financially, at the moment.

Services such as Counselling.

That is their mission.

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