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Interactive session on the challenges currently facing social economy businesses

We are in the midst of tough times economically and for social enterprises, just like every other business, operating under these conditions is a real challenge.

Over the past few weeks, as part of our ongoing engagement with political parties as the representative body for the sector, we have been speaking with individual members of the All-Party Group ahead of our next meeting at the end of September. As always, all are supportive of our work and the impact that you as individual organisations have on the lives of many on a daily basis.

We would love to offer everyone the opportunity to join the next meeting, however logistically this is not possible. We do however want to gather your opinions and to hear from you at firsthand the difficulties which you are currently encountering in operating your organisation in the face of rising costs and reduction in funding.

Social Enterprise NI would therefore like to invite you to a Zoom at Noon on Tuesday 20th September to what will be an interactive session, at which everyone will

have the opportunity to take part. We will have anonymous polls followed by the opportunity for discussion. This will provide us with up-to-date information to present to the elected members and bring them up to speed with the challenges which you are currently facing.

We would strongly encourage you to register for the event to ensure your opinions are heard and can be represented at the next All Party Group meeting.

Link to register for event here.

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